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Tara McAlea, Executive Director

Tara oversees the organization's goals throughout the term to ensure we are on track with a 5 year action plan. As well, she handles scheduling and weekly group times.

Max Charlton, Director of Leader Development

Max facilitates the weekly leader meetings and organizes group specifics. He also spearheads our Leader Retreat each semester and new leader trainings.

Allison Byers, Director of Program Development

Allison handles outreach and connections with other campus organizations and programs.

Ryan Whitacre, Director of Marketing and Social Media

Ryan handles our social media and website as well as the organization's graphic and merchandise design.

Maxwell Rapach, Director of Treasury

Max handles the organizations finances and spending.

Latasha Hamner, Director of Operations

Latasha oversees surveys as well as collects and maintains data for the organization.

Zach Edwards, Director of Community Outreach

Zach coordinates the organization's social events as well as outreach to the student body on campus